Have You Really “LinkedIn”?


Have You Really “LinkedIn”? apply-with-linkedin1-e1307100245856

Since the rise of LinkedIn, the platform has helped to transcend the “I want it now” attitude to the professional world where one can quickly maximize their network of connections, read and listen to the conversations of professionals in their field, and most importantly search for their next career move.

Thanks to the Apply with LinkedIn button, LinkedIn members are just one-click away from applying to any job on the network. The platform has not only revolutionized the way members extend their network connections, but as of late it has become one of the dominate job search engines in the ranks with Indeed.com, Monster.com, Careerbuilder, and so on.

But with this easy “one-click and apply here for your next job” access brings up the question, how can you be sure that your application will stand out from the crowd?

The advantage of the one-click apply option is that eager applicants are now able to apply to a much larger pool of job postings in a fraction of the time, maximizing their chances of hearing back from a company without the endless hours of “mundane” work to get the job. In turn, the disadvantage then results in more active candidates and a larger pool of competition for the same role.

As a result, your network has become your competition and chances are you will be lost in the sea of other members who are looking to “Link-In” to the same company as you. So how does one utilize this useful tool, but still get their name to stand a part from the crowd? This is what your LinkedIn account should have if you want to get hired:

Perfect-LinkedIn-Profile-2 Complete Your Profile

According to LinkedIn, account holders with a complete profile get up to 40 percent more job inquiries than those who put up a patchy resume or profile page.  You should include any certifications, examples of job tasks, duties, management skills, completed projects, etc., along with a detailed and crisp summary of who you are as a professional.


Provide Project Samples 

For every resume a recruiter or potential employer receives, he or she looks up the person on LinkedIn. It’s not only to see recommendations and such, but to see if the applicant has any project samples or proof of their past works validating their submitted application.

Have Recommendations

Include both past and present coworkers, current and ex-bosses, and other people who are in your field or share similar interests. Build a rapport with them and then ask them for recommendations, endorsements of skills and/or introductions into a job opportunity.

Join Professional Groups

Join relevant groups. If you are a Marketing Manager, then make sure that you have joined all the major and active Marketing and Communications related groups on LinkedIn. Employers gravitate towards people who stay current and up to date on activities and new schools of thought within their field, showcasing their motivation to be a good worker.

And finally…

Be Proactive

Once you have utilized the one-click apply option, take a second good look at the job description and see if any contact information has been provided. If not, does some leg work to find the contact information and sending a secondary email with your cover letter and resume to express your interest. This will show employers that you not only followed instructions by applying via LinkedIn, you also went the extra mile and contacted their company directly to ensure your information was received to be reviewed.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is a vital resource and tool for any professional to use, especially when one is on the job hunt, but in your efforts to connect with everyone make sure you are not getting lost in the mix of other likeminded professionals “Linking-In” for the same job. Showcase your work and worth, and set yourself a part from the pack.

Positive vibes, positive mind, live a positive life,

Laufer and Associates Team