Important Business Habits: Tips Curated for the Young Professional


Important Business Habits: Tips Curated for the Young Professional

d535e4c6737d8ae592a270f29ea139f2 (1)It’s been a few years since college and you’re finally starting to get into the swing of things in the professional world; with the occasional hiccup here and there of course! Whether you’re on the path you always dreamed of or are still finding your way, these some good professional habits we have selected to help you as you grow in your career.

Set up your Facebook privacy settingsFacebook allows you to create customized friend lists so you can choose who sees your posts, photos, and other details about your personal life. Also, make sure your Twitter and Instagram accounts are private as well.

Maintain a digital professional address book. The relationships you build during your career can be even more valuable than your title itself, so it’s essential to stay in touch. Get in the habit of adding business card information to your address book every time you receive one.

Update your résumé every 6 months. Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, it’s important to keep your résumé updated with new experience, skills, and projects.

Always send a thank you or follow up email after a meeting with a business contact. This polite gesture will always be remembered.

Know your worth. You may have had a few jobs and taken on some big projects. Assess your skill sets and stay up to date on topics in your field so you can become confident in your value the next time you’re due for a raise or job offer.

Be to the point—yet always polite. A detailed, yet concise, email conveys confidence and pointed expertise. Know your message and be specific.

Seek a mentor from those you admire. Do whatever you can do to learn from and emulate them; ask questions and listen carefully.

Learn how to network, while still expressing your genuine personality.

Always show up 10 minutes early. It’s an honest indicator of your organizational skills and overall reliability.

Get organizedFrom your phone’s calendar to your computer’s desktop, a neat and tidy environment communicates professionalism and organization.

Respond to emails within 24 hours, sooner if your reply is necessary for workflow purposes. And if you’re swamped, a simple confirmation of receipt will go a long way. Heading out on vacation? Don’t forget to set an out-of-office response telling people when you’ll be back in touch.

Dress for the job you want. Have a selection of work-appropriate clothing choices and . We all know that clothes can be an important form of nonverbal communication, so do your best to avoid those side-eye glances.

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