Laufer Tips: “How to Ace a Job Interview On The Phone” – Tailored for You!


Laufer Tips: “How to Ace a Job Interview On The Phone” – Forbes Advice Tailored for You!

c8a901b125e240fe0553634284be5071Though the practice may soon shift to video conferencing or Skype, the phone is still the most common way for a first interview to take place. Here are some ways you can feel just as prepared for your next phone interview as you would be face-to-face!

Prepare as though it’s an in-person interview.
Having easy access to the company and job information will allow you to confidently respond to questions. Have a copy of both the job description and a copy of the resume or application you submitted in front of you before the interview starts.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place with a good connection where you won’t be interrupted.
Hopefully, you’ll be able to schedule the call for a time when you can focus completely on the call. Always be in a quiet place where you are comfortable and unlikely to be interrupted.

Smile while on the phone
You will find that you sound more upbeat and engaged when you do this. Your smiles will be “heard” by the interviewer, making for a positive impression.

Focus on your language and voice.
Speak clearly, stay upbeat, and use positive language. Try to take cues from the interviewer and modulate your own tone and word choice to make a positive impression.

Listen closely
Take notes of the questions the interviewer is asking; this can help you write a great thank you note after you’re done.

Ask about the next step in the process
When the interviewer is bringing the call to an end but there has been no talk of a next step, speak up! Express your enthusiasm for moving forward and ask about the next step.

Follow up
Write a thank you letter, and email or mail it. Make a point of reiterating strengths and value for the position.