Laufer Tips: How to Land a New Job When Over 50 – The Street


Laufer Tips: How to Land a New Job When Over 50 – The Street

downloadNo matter how old you are, finding a new job is a daunting endeavor. The job market can be so competitive and with various expectations for given roles from years experience, technical savviness, to people and organizational skills, the list of what is needed to make the “perfect” candidate can go on and on. For those workers who are over 50 years old and considering a change in their career, the overwhelming sensation one can experience when starting their job search can feel magnified when ones feels like they are competing with Millennials, who often come at a cheaper price.

Despite this, the fact of the matter is that the older you are the more work and life experiences you have, which – when highlighted the right way – will lend themselves to any job and set you a part from the majority of young and naive employees.jobsearch7BCF5416822A

According to an article written by The Street today, “Older workers have experience and business and political savvy—they’ve seen a lot and know how organizations function,” says career coach Susan Peppercorn, CEO of Positive Workplace Partners. “They also want to give back and mentor junior people, and they want to contribute to something larger than themselves.”

The article then lists out 10 ways you can land a new job, even if you are over 50, and we certainly are in agreement with their sound advice for our candidates of all ages!

Tap Into Your Network
One huge benefit of having been in the workforce  for many years is the network of contacts you’ve created. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your network contacts and utilize the opportunities they have available.

Ditch the Dated Clothes
You want to look age-appropriate, but still current, so consider investing in new interview attire; maybe a new suit, pair of work shoes, and a dress shirt or blouse.

Get on LinkedIn
If you don’t already have a profile on LinkedIn, you should create one now. Many employers post jobs directly on LinkedIn, so you can use it both as a networking and search tool.

Modernize Your Resume
There are a number of ways to update one’s resume, but for someone with a long and successful career, don’t bother listing every single position you’ve had and be sure to keep your resume at two pages or less in length.

Talk Up Your Experience
The strongest advantage you have over much younger applicants is your experience, so be sure to point out how your experience and expertise will help the company.

Show You’re Adaptable
Unfortunately, there is a preconceived notion that people become “set in their ways” as they get older. In order to combat that stereotype, show that you are adaptable to change. Also, if you’re willing to take on temporary, part-time, project-based or seasonal work, you can set yourself a part from many applicants who are set on permanent opportunities.

Highlight Your Tech Skills
Stay connected and on top of the latest trends and technology in your field and industry and find ways to weave that in during the recruitment and interview process.

Show You’re Raring to Go (Not Slowing Down)
When applying for a job over age 50, it’s important to give the impression that you’re ready to hit the ground running and not simply winding down for retirement.