Monday Motivation: How to Fix Your Job Search Ailments – USA News


Monday Motivation: How to Fix Your Job Search Ailments – USA News 

search mistakesIt’s time to stop reinventing the wheel and ask yourself “What’s tripping you up as you look for a new job?” The best way to re-prioritize your search is to determine what isn’t working and make the necessary changes to optimize your efforts.

Start by asking yourself:

How many jobs did you apply to last month?

A resume that doesn’t match the job description will be overlooked. You should be tracking your applications so you can keep track of the resumes and cover letters you use for each role you have applied to.

How many people did you meet last week?

Go beyond making LinkedIn connections and set up meetings with old and new professional acquaintances. This is a great way to really expand you network and procure some sound advice.

Besides the job boards, where are you finding jobs?

Many companies post jobs on their own websites as opposed to job boards. Make a list of the top companies you would like to work for in your general area and start following them on LinkedIn and regularly checking their website so you can stay updated on new opportunities.

How many interviews have you had since you started your job search?

Think about how many times an initial in-person interview led to a second round interview. If you find that you have not had many, if any, call backs, then it may be time to brush up on your interviewing skills by practicing with a trusted colleague or friend.

Are you socially savvy?

Companies and recruiters are either researching or searching for you online, so you want to make sure they can find an appropriate representation of the professional you. Utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn are a great to help create this polished presentation of your past experiences and capabilities for others to see.