Monday Motivation: What motivates you to do well at work?


do what you loveWhat motivates you to do well at work?

Mastering the art of interviewing can be very tricky; no two interviews are ever the same. Before walking into an interview, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the specific company, their culture and common interview questions so you can provide strong answers. One question we can guarantee your interviewer will ask you at some point is, “What motivates you in the workplace?”

When hearing this question your interviewer is likely trying to determine what your work habits are and whether there will be any issues with your motivation within the way their workplace functions.

passionPoints to Assert

Typically, many answers will be acceptable, but it is important to touch on certain points in order to convey the best message. Follow these curated tips from LiveCareer to ensure your delivery is strong and creates the right perception of what motivates you at work.

  • Be clear that you can perform and successfully accomplish the tasks required in the given role, and provide examples from previous work experiences.
  • Be specific about what motivates you at work; this could be the desire to do a good job or the satisfaction of success.
  • Be honest and think about what actually motivates you in the workplace and connect your motivation(s) to the job at hand.
  • Be positive and have a good attitude about your work habits.

what-motivates-youNEVER use money as your motivator

Compensation is important to everyone, but listing it as one of your primary motivators in the workplace will turn off employers.

Try to focus on the work and cultural elements that motivate you before going into your next interview, and avoid answering questions with any inference to “ I just really needing a job.”