Scary Thoughts Everyone Has During Job Interviews – ZipRecruiter


Scary Thoughts Everyone Has During Job Interviews – ZipRecruiter

When facingwoman-stressed stiff competition, stressful interviews, and the looming threat of rejection, searching for a new job can be one of the most intimidating undertakings you may encounter throughout the course of your professional career.

Rest assured, you are not the only person who suffers from these fears. Here we have curated from ZipRecruiter for you a few of the many scary thoughts that may flash before your eyes as you embark on your job search journey; no matter what though, don’t panic!

Did I spell something wrong in my resume or cover letter?

From stressing over misspelling the company and/or hiring manager’s name, to worrying about your grammar and that one new term you used to spruce up your bullet points; all these and more will pop into your brain. The best thing to do is breath, review your work, and create a system for spell checking before submitting; move forward!


They are going to ask me a question that I won’t be prepared for!

You are preparing for the big interview, but now you feel like you need to memorize every sentence on their company website. Certainly it’s important to be prepared and well versed in what the company does and has to offer, but don’t get lost in the weeds of being able to rattle off every date from their corporate timeline.

What if I draw a complete blank on all the important points I wanted to highlight during my interview?

The big day has arrived and suddenly you’re totally blanking on everything you prepared to say! Take deep breaths and try to relax; the more you are stuck in your head, the less likely you are to remember your polished answers and show them what you have to offer.

After I check in with the receptionist, do I sit or stand? Can I check my phone?

Arriving at the interview location is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable; you’re nervous and you are wondering if you are being analyzed right out of the gate. Always be polite and cordial, and should the receptionist strike up a conversation with you, just be yourself. Otherwise, sit patiently and settle your wandering thoughts.


They are taking a lot of notes; is that a bad sign?

You’re going through all the interview questions, but you notice the interviewer is taking a lot of notes and you begin to wonder if they are just noting all your flaws. Try not to get side tracked and assume the worst; stay positive in your mind and continue to give off a positive vibe during the interview.

Did the interview go well? Will I ever get a job?

We will say it again; breath! Searching for a new job can be a frightening time, so these thoughts are totally natural. Even if an interview does not go as well as you hoped, simply reflect, learn from the experience, and forge forward in your quest for the right role.

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