Success Stories

Clarified Thoughts

"I cannot even begin to tell you how appreciative I am in working with Laufer and Associates, as they found me such a wonderful position in such a great company. After graduating from college in 2006, I worked for two major corporations, in two completely different industries. A few months ago, I started to think about where I would like my career path to be aimed, which competencies I value most, and what I enjoy doing in my day-to-day work. The answers to these questions were not easy. That is when I decided to meet with Laufer and Associates. Suddenly, my thoughts became organized. With their help, I was able to build an outstanding resume and lock down a job interview in a company and position I never would have considered before meeting with them. Laufer and Associates were able to help me organize my thoughts and help me understand my struggles. The position they found me was a truly a collaboration of my skill sets from both my first and second jobs that I worked in right out of college. Thank you!"

~ Heather Birkett

Frightening Layoff to New Beginning

"After almost a decade of working with the same organization, being notified about restructuring and an ultimate layoff was quite frightening. I was not looking forward to the stress and anxiety of job hunting. The repetitive application processes, emails, phone screens and interviews can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting. However, once I met with Julie at Laufer and Associates, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Julie's experience and knowledge about recruiting was very reassuring. She encouraged me and gave me hope, that my skills and professional experiences were still valuable and would be an asset to the job market. After our initial meeting it was only a couple of short weeks before I was set-up to interview with an awesome organization and later offered a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity. I am extremely excited about my new beginning and recognize Julie's personal touch for helping me along so quickly. I would highly recommend Laufer and Associates to friends and fellow job seekers."

~ Kami Ward

The Boutique Treatment

"When working with a staffing agency to find employment, I have always preferred working with one that is local to the Boston area and small in size so I can receive the closest, most personalized treatment possible. This is what I like to call "the boutique treatment". As someone who recently found exactly the role he was looking for, I can say that Laufer and Associates is just that. From the moment I began working with them, they were responsive, friendly, positive, attentive, and professional. It did not take me long to realize I was onto something very good.

Laufer and Associates know how to take the details of who you are and what you offer, and distill them in a way that gets results with prospective employers of the highest caliber. This is why you will never receive a cold call from Laufer and Associates. They do not call you; they respond to you. When you work with them, you do not feel like they want something from you, you feel like they are advocating for you.

What a wonderful, welcome, and refreshing difference. "The boutique treatment" does not end when you get the job offer; Laufer and Associates follow up with a personalized touch that only a small, personalized agency can provide. It all adds up to a very satisfying experience.

I am extremely grateful that I encountered Laufer and Associates in my employment search. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to bypass the big, impersonal national firms and enjoy the process of relationship-based staffing that Laufer and Associates excel in."

~ Jeffrey Kiess

Continually Impressed

"I recently relocated to Massachusetts and was eager to find a great position in the Boston area. A close friend of mine had started her career in Boston several years ago and had found her first position using Laufer and Associates. She has since had a very successful career, including multiple promotions and opportunities for growth. When she found out that I was starting my own job search, she referred me to Julie right away and told me that she had no doubt Julie would find me the perfect fit. I knew from my first meeting with Julie that this was true. Julie was very professional yet so easy to talk to. By asking great questions and digging deep into my professional background, she really helped me to clarify exactly what type of company I was looking for and what I truly wanted to do in my career moving forward.

After our first meeting, she immediately recommended a company that she felt would offer the type of environment that I was looking for and a position that would be a great fit for my personality, background and experience. After I began the interview process, I realized that she was right on the mark. Her first choice for me was definitely my first choice too, and I was thrilled when they offered me the position!

Throughout the entire interview process, Julie worked with me every step of the way. She was always readily available to talk, wanted to hear feedback, and was truly involved in the process. I was continually impressed by how pleasant, upbeat and enthusiastic she was and I felt that she was really pulling for me. She gave me the one-on-one attention that made me feel like she had a genuine investment in my success and it goes without saying that this is a crucial piece when you work with a recruiting firm. The quality of service that I received was beyond my expectations and I would certainly refer my own close friends to Laufer and Associates!"

~ Devon Marquis

Stay at Home Dad to Working Man

"I am writing this to sing the praises of Julie Laufer at Laufer and Associates. After spending a little over a year as a stay at home father, I accepted a job as an office manager at a college in the Boston area. Although I was happy to have a job, especially in this economy, I knew I it was not the best fit for me. So, in April I started a new job search and stumbled upon Laufer and Associates' website. I had an amazing experience from the moment I submitted my resume to happily accepting my current job.

Julie really understood what I was looking for and what I needed from a job. She was able to hone in on two or three jobs for me within 15 minutes. The type of jobs Julie was suggesting to me were ones that I would have passed over if it weren't for her positivity. She really gave me the confidence to think "I can do that!" I had an offer exactly one week after submitting my resume.

If you are unhappy in your current job or are just looking for a change, I cannot recommend Laufer and Associates enough! Thank you Julie!"

Bill Eddy

Great Professional Partner

"The whole process at Laufer and Associates was incredibly smooth and fast.

After I applied for the position of Director of Marketing and Communications, Julie called me back the very next day. She conducted an initial interview and, by asking perceptive questions that got to the heart of the matter, quickly realized that I was right for the job and the job was right for me.

As she scheduled my interviews at the college (which stretched across two consecutive days), Julie stayed on top of the planning, making sure the college leadership and I had structured yet unrushed time to get to know one another, discuss critical goals and expectations, and assess the fit.

Julie called me after each set of interviews. Every time, her pertinent questions helped me recognize with increasing clarity that this was a position I would genuinely enjoy and be challenged by.

A few weeks after I started the job, Julie and I met for lunch. And we haven't lost contact. She still checks in with occasional phone calls and emails.

Julie is very personable and always to-the-point. She knows exactly what it takes to be a great professional partner."

Ken Gornstein

I Saw My Dreams Become Reality

"Growing up in New England, it has always been my dream to work in the city. I am a recent graduate with my Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In today's economy, I feel so blessed that this opportunity has come so early in my career. Although I had an education, many businesses were looking for what I lacked-- significant real life work experience. I knew that finding a job post-grad would take someone seeing something special in my resume and taking a chance on me.

It was not until I came into contact with Laufer and Associates did I truly begin to see my dreams become a reality. They recognized my potential and advocated for me to get an amazing interview and land a fantastic job in a company I believe in. I'm doing work that fulfills my interests and gives me the opportunity to succeed. I truly believe that if I had not found Laufer and Associates that I would either still be unemployed or have settled for a job in a field unrelated to my degree.

From Cristin's warm smile to Julie's business acumen and enthusiasm, I feel encouraged to know I am an associate of those who truly love what they are doing and desire to see their employees succeed. I cannot wait to see where life takes me as a Laufer employee!"

~ Kate Soucise

Finally Had Direction Again

"After growing up in Massachusetts and going to college in Boston, I ended up spending five years living in San Francisco and New York. When I moved back home last year, I decided to not only move back but also change my career path. I was a bit lost at first and randomly happened to meet up with Julie at Laufer and Associates. After an hour of meeting with her, I felt like I finally had direction again and knew what I was going to do. She helped me to really look at what I wanted for my next career - and my next job. She really listened to everything I had to say and was easily able to make sense of my confusion. She immediately had me working in various temp positions, in order to confirm her intuition of what my next career path should be.
She was so right! She managed to figure out exactly what I was looking for and always called with my best intentions at heart. Given the other recruiters I had worked with, this always meant a lot to me. After a few months of temping, she found me a great position working in Boston. I feel so lucky to spend every day with an amazing team at an amazing company. I couldn't be happier! I could not have done this without the guidance and support from Julie and Cristin. I believe this role could be a great role for me for years to come, so while I hope to not need Julie's professional expertise again (which I consider to be the best compliment a recruiter could receive), I have definitely been recommending her to every job seeker I know!"

Melissa Brown

Forever Thankful

"Three years ago my husband lost his job and I was forced to re-enter the work force after several wonderful years at home with my children. I had kept my EA skills up to date and had the experience, talent and drive to secure a position but continued to hit "road blocks" with agencies who would meet with me, have me meet someone more senior on their staff, tell me how wonderful I was and then never hear from them again. It was very discouraging to say the least.
When I walked into Laufer and Associates, I was immediately struck by the beautiful and unique look of the office, and I knew immediately they were different than the rest (not to mention, I love design and color, and knew instinctually Julie and I would have much in common!) Despite the fact that I had not worked in the corporate arena for a few years, Julie took the time to get to know me, recognized my abilities, was able to secure interviews with several fantastic companies and ultimately helped me land the perfect job. I am now working for the senior partner of an architectural firm (did I mention how I love design!).
Julie and her staff are the consummate professionals who not only are dedicated to finding the right job for their client, but are truly decent, caring people--something the industry could certainly use more of. I am forever grateful, Julie, to your dedication and belief in me and I am singing the praises of you and your staff to all my friends. Thank you so much!"

Marianne Alberigi

You Really Know Your Business

"We are all aware of the volatile economy and even more aware of the very difficult job market. Therefore, when I was told that my position was being eliminated in three months, you can imagine my anxiety. Thoughts of trying to navigate through today's world of high unemployment filled my head. Could I manage on my decreased salary, would I ever find another job?

My thoughts turned to an old friend and very trusted professional, Julie Laufer of Laufer and Associates. In 2000 Julie placed me in a wonderful position in Cambridge, my first position out of a 16 year career with one firm. I reconnected with Julie after that particular firm was closed for another job search. We were full throttle underway into the job search when personal crisis struck and I was forced to discontinue my search for a short period of time. Julie continued to be a friend and advocate for me through my time of crisis. So it is easy to see why, when the news of my impending layoff came, I immediately thought of Julie.

Off to her office for a meeting and a catch up, we worked for an hour cleaning up my resume' and talking about where I wanted to be in my career. I walked out of that office three months ago, feeling positive and very relieved. I knew that Julie would help me find exactly what I wanted.

Within days she had interviews with some of the larger firms in Boston lined up for me. I was thrilled! I wanted to take on as many interviews as my schedule would allow. When she called to tell me she had a wonderful Executive Assistant position at a distinguished Boston based law firm supporting the Chief Operation Officer, I told her immediately "That's the one Julie". Two weeks later I accepted an offer for the position and started on November 1st. I am thrilled with the new job and could not be happier. I could not have done it without Julie. She is a true professional and a trusted friend.

Thank you Julie for making what could have been a horrible experience, into a very happy one. You really know your business."

Carol Renzulli

The Best in Boston

"I had the pleasure of meeting Julie right as I was departing from a luxury hospitality company that I had been with for five years. Coming from such a well-known and prestigious company, I felt some trepidation as I began my job search. Julie and her team were phenomenal in every stage of the process; describing each position in detail and always checking in with me after the interviews. They kept me updated on prospective positions and displayed a genuine care for placing me in the best role possible for my skill set. Laufer and Associates is incredibly professional, and quite frankly, the best recruitment agency in Boston!"

Rachel Sonnenberg

Tailor Fit by Laufer and Associates

"Navigating the job market can be extremely stressful, especially these days as the economy is still in recovery. I was uncertain as to which career prospects might be available to me once I started my job search, but on a friend's advice, I decided to visit Laufer and Associates.
Fast forward a few weeks: I am now gearing up to start my dream job. My experience with Laufer and Associates was extraordinary at every step of the process. Julie took great care, not just to place me, but to find a job that was tailored to my personality and professional ambitions. She prepped me for my interviews and checked in with me after them; she answered my myriad questions with patience and candor. Whenever I'd visit the Laufer offices, I felt as though the entire staff was rooting for me. And when I received my job offer, everyone there was excited and congratulatory.

Laufer and Associates is committed, both to the companies they staff as well as to the job seekers. I feel as though my new place of employment is as eager for me to work there as I am. Everyone at Laufer has my gratitude for helping me find a perfect career match as I move into the next chapter of my life!"

Juliana Rozeboom

Temp to You're Hired!

I have loved Boston from the moment I visited. I decided to relocate here a few months after graduating, and of course, my job search began immediately. After settling into a part-time job, I continued my search with some success. However, the jobs I found were somewhat ill-fitting for the type of position I had hoped to enter into. While searching yet another career database, I came across a position through Laufer and Associates.

Within an hour of my first interview with Laufer and Associates, I was placed in a temp-to-hire position that was a perfect fit for me. I was pleased with the one-on-one attention I received and the upbeat attitudes of the staff. In a job market that feels cold and unforgiving, it was refreshing to find an agency with such a warm approach. I greatly appreciated the follow-ups that I had with everyone a few times each week. Thanks to the unique, kind, and efficient approach that Laufer and Associates has toward placing individuals in jobs that most suit them, I would recommend this agency to anyone. I am extremely happy with Laufer and Associates and look forward to my continued work with them!

Haley Stafford

Laufer is Arguably the Best

As someone who has been to nearly every staffing agency over the last few years during the economic downturn, I believe Laufer and Associates is arguably one of the best firms I have ever worked with.
Unlike many firms who would invite you in with a fake posting for a non-existent client, Laufer and Associates invited me into their office for the exact position that was advertised. (And to boot, they delivered!) They did not try to push aside my previous applications with other companies. Julie and her team were and are always friendly. They actually take time to work with me and get to know me. In fact, they still work with me even though I was placed on an assignment, rather than just discontinuing their relationship with me just because they have already placed me. In addition to the great service they provide, they have an amazing office, simply amazing.
For these reasons, I think Laufer and Associates should be the first place to try to find a job; no, let me rephrase that: for 'career' placement!
~ Michael Gu

My Dream Came True

From the moment I set foot in the door of the Laufer and Associates' office, I was treated with respect and professionalism. My initial meeting with Julie was more in-depth and lasted longer, I might add, than any other first meeting I had with a recruiter. Julie really took the time to learn about my background, to listen to what I was currently doing to determine where I would best fit in a new organization. She was personable, respectful and professional. She took ample notes and followed up immediately - with two incredible interview opportunities! I could not believe how fast she got on my "case" and started working for me, and the caliber of the companies she had me interviewing with right off the bat. I could not have been more pleased! Before each interview we prepped for the company and specific job description to the point that I felt comfortable and confident walking into my interview. I really felt like I had a teammate right there beside me the whole way - and a cheerleader behind me!

Throughout the entire process of my job search, Laufer and Associates provided me with incredible opportunities and the support I needed to endure what can be a very rigorous and exhausting process. I could not have asked for a more supportive or professional firm with which to work and feel lucky to have been referred to them in the first place - I have thanked my family friend over and over again! Julie truly helped me find my dream job. I didn't even know it was possible - to find a job you TRULY love and that fits you in every way. But now I know that with the right "teammate" anything is possible. I have now recommended Laufer and Associates to numerous friends and even prior colleagues embarking on their own job search journeys. Each person has come to me with the same reaction - one of sincere appreciation for sending them to such a wonderful place. Thank you, Julie, and your entire team at Laufer and Associates, for making my dream come true!

Elizabeth Gutterson

Offer Within a Week

Exactly one day after my initial interview with Laufer and Associates, I was scheduled for two phone interviews and a face-to-face interview. The way the job market has been, I never would have guessed that I would have an offer from a company within a week of interviewing. Laufer moves quickly. They really care about making sure that you are comfortable with the process, and they always have your best interests at heart. I never felt pressured to take an interview or to make a decision that I was not comfortable with, when an offer presented itself. Having once worked in a staffing firm before I can tell Laufer has a good rapport established with their clients. With that being said, it can only help the candidates' chances in landing a better position. My experience working with Laufer and Associate has been a pleasant one, and I really hope to keep my relationship with them strong as other opportunities may present themselves. In comparison to other firms I have worked with, I did not feel like I was constantly being hounded about openings that did not match what I was looking for. I guarantee you that it will be a comfortable experience to meet with Laufer, and hopefully they will help you the same way they helped me.

Thank you for everything Laufer and Associates. I will keep you updated as I continue in my role.

Shana Leberman

Laufer Sealed the Deal

In mid-December of last year I suddenly found myself on the job market again, just 6 months after accepting my former position. I am not the kind of professional who is comfortable with hopping around from job to job, or from company to company. For me, the job search process can be one of the most difficult, stressful processes that unfortunately, some must go through several times throughout our careers.

I would estimate that I met with about 10-15 agencies before coming into contact with Julie Laufer, the President of Laufer and Associates. I applied to a job of hers online, fairly late in the evening. I heard back from Julie right away. She expressed such interest and enthusiasm about my background. Mind you, I had already been through this same process 10-15 times in the past couple of weeks. However, my interaction with Julie was different from the very beginning. I knew that she saw something special in my resume and really felt like she was excited to meet with me. I set up a time to meet with her the next day. Julie expressed compassion towards me and the situation that I was in, which was so refreshing and to be honest, relieving. Not only did she understand where I was coming from, but where I wanted to go. Going into the meeting I felt that I knew what I wanted. After meeting with Julie we were able to clarify what kind of company and role I'd really be happy in, and what kind of company needed a person like me!

She knew right away which position she wanted to send me in to interview for. We discussed the role and we both knew right away how perfect it would be! I hadn't felt this way with other agencies where I'd often walk away feeling like the experience had been somewhat anti-climactic. I received a call from Julie 20 minutes later and had an interview scheduled with her client two days later. Needless to say, I was offered the position after several interviews, and couldn't be happier in my new job. I met Julie on a Tuesday afternoon and started my first day of work the following Tuesday.

I truly felt that Julie was in my corner the entire time. She was there to prep, encourage, and give me some really great suggestions to 'seal the deal.' I wish that I knew more friends and colleagues that are currently in the midst of a job search of their own so that I could connect them with Julie. Many thanks! I feel like a different woman!

~ Melissa Ehrenthal

A Smooth Transition

After Making the decision to relocate to Boston, I knew that the next step would be finding a job. I also knew that living and working in New York City would make the search even harder. Because of having a limited amount of vacation days, I had to make the most of my trips out to Boston by scheduling back-to-back serious interviews. I applied to many jobs online and within a day was contacted by a recruiter from Laufer and Associates.

Immediately, I felt a connection between my recruiter and myself. We even had similar backgrounds! She was upbeat, positive, and had great energy. She seemed to truly understand the frustrations I was having with scheduling interviews. The next day we spoke and she already had several potential interviews lined up for me. After making sure that I was interested and a good fit for each position, she managed to schedule them for the upcoming Friday to limit the amount of time I needed to take off work. That Friday I went on several interviews, each with excellend companies. She made the most of my day there and guided me through each step. She even went out of her way to meet me at South Station, update me on my schedule, and inform me of who I would be meeting with. I was always updated during the entire process and I was thrilled when I found out that I had two second interviews. Both jobs were not only at renowned companies, but offered great compensation, benefits and various perks. My recruiter once again kept me in the loop and was excited to tell me that the company that was my top choice was going to make me an offer. I happily accepted and am starting my dream job on December 6, 2010!

I could not have done this without the help of Laufer and Associates. Everyone at Laufer is friendly, helpful and they have a true personal approach. I also can't thank my recruiter enough for her support during my search. Finding a new job is stressful in itself, not to mention the additional stress of relocating to a new city, but with the help from Laufer and Associates I am enjoying a smooth transition.

~ Caitlin White

Laufer and Associates Exceeded My Expectations

After I graduated from college I knew I wanted to move to Boston, but I didn't have job prospects here. For a month before the move I applied to many job postings but I never heard back from any of them. I could blame it on the slow job market, but it was still depressing to feel like I was throwing resumes and cover letters into the abyss.

Finally, I submitted a resume and cover letter in response to an ad posted by Bonnie at Laufer and Associates. I received an email response within an hour and was talking on the phone to Bonnie that afternoon. She was incredibly enthusiastic about my resume and about the job, and we scheduled to meet once I arrived in Boston.

When I met with Bonnie at the office, everyone was very friendly, and I left feeling very confident about my job prospects. Within two weeks of this meeting I had interviewed and been offered a job at a great company. The job (and the pay and benefits) far exceeded my expectations, but mostly I was just happy to be rid of the anxiety of looking for a job.

The job search process is incredibly difficult and can be quite demoralizing. It is important to use every tool at your disposal, and the people at Laufer and Associates are an excellent resource.

~ Sam Loomis

I just got my Dream Job

I can't thank Laufer and Associates and especially Jessica Radford, enough for everything they've done for me over the past few months.

When I left my job in March I never thought I would have found such a great opportunity at an amazing company, and I owe a huge thanks to Jess!

From my very first meeting at Laufer and Associates, I knew the firm was different and I commend everyone there for their professional and compassionate approach.

They took the time to not only interview me, but they got to know me on both a personal and professional level. And because of this I just got my dream job. I am so excited for this next step in my life and I truly believe this is going to be the perfect fit for me! I could not have done this without them.

~ Jennifer Kemna

Laufer was my invaluable job resource!

While searching for my next job, and trying to start a new career Laufer and and Associates were an invaluable resourse to me. Julie and Kelly constantly had new ideas, were quick to set up a new interview or have a new temp opportunity available. While the process of finding a new job was by no means seamless, Laufer was able to take a great deal of the stress out my search with outstanding feedback and advice.

The team at Laufer was always available to me, whether it was to provide insight on interview or helpful hint to make my resume stand out.

I now find myself finishing the first month of a job I love in a global design company, in position that allows me to grow with company and do something that I greatly enjoy. Thank you Laufer for all of your hard work - I could not have done this without you!

~ Corinna Noering

Repeat Performance - Success Story: Michaelene Russell

My experience with Laufer and Associates has been fantastic over the years. Julie and her team have been extremely helpful in finding the right fit for me and always listen to what I am looking for. Not only do they provide excellent support and coaching throughout (what can be) a stressful process, but they are also networked well with terrific companies!

They certainly do their homework, both on the candidate AND company side, and work hard to match appropriately.

After being out of the corporate world for a short time, I had made the decision to come back and reached out to Julie again (after she found me my job 5 years ago) to see what she might have available. Literally one week later, I started in a new temp-to-hire role and one month later I was hired permanently.

I cannot say enough about Laufer and Associates and the wonderful service they provide. Thank you Julie & Team!

~ Michaelene Russell

Exactly the Position I Envisioned

My working relationship with Laufer and Associates began years ago. I was immediately drawn to Julie, her team, and the customized career search Laufer and Associate's offer. I recently spent months reaching out to my network, considering positions in the industry, and leveraging resources. Julie and her co-worker, Eve, were the first to identify and present to me exactly the position I envisioned!

During an interview for my new role, I was asked a great question: 'how much of your resume is the result of your own doing?' I explained that I attribute a great deal of my success to discipline and initiative. However, success cannot occur in a vacuum; it requires teamwork and the ability to align yourself with great people - great people like those at Laufer and Associates.

I'm beyond thankful for the support and opportunity Julie and Eve have given to me and would recommend that you reach out to them today!

~ Laura Jeddrey

Combining Professional Skills with Personal Passion

I am thrilled to have recently begun my new position. After deciding to leave my last job at Lesley University, I took a six month sabbatical before beginning my job 'hunt'. I spent these months increasing my volunteer work at a variety of children's charities and enjoyed the impact I made during this time.

I was very fortunate to connect with Julie Laufer in early January. She believed that this position at a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to improving education options for children would be a fantastic fit for me. After researching the company I was very excited about this opportunity. Julie guided me through the interview process by setting clear goals and keeping me well informed throughout the journey.

I felt like I was made a priority and that Laufer and Associates truly worked to get me my desired results. I am so fortunate to be in a position that combines my professional skills with my personal passion and I owe it all to Laufer and Associates!

~ Kristin Famighetti

Unlike Any Other Recruiting Firm

I just want to thank Laufer and Associates and Julie so, so much for helping me find this wonderful job. I am so happy and feel like we really have found the perfect job for me. It may have taken awhile but it was definitely worth the wait!!!

Everyone at the office so helpful and always made me feel really important. It was nice to know that they were always thinking of me when they heard of openings.

I highly recommend Laufer and Associates to anyone who is in the job market because I truly feel that the experience of working with them is unlike any other recruiting firm.

Thank you so much again!

~ Kristin Misata

Seeing Hope in the Future

When I found out that I was being laid off I was devastated. Thoughts began to race through my mind. How will I get out of my lease? Can I really move home? How will I keep up with bills that are already overwhelming? It was all just too much to figure out. Luckily, I had some time left at my job before I was 'out on the street'. After doing an extensive search for jobs within my field and coming up empty handed I had a revelation. I realized that I had explored every niche of my field in my five years out of college. There really was not much room for advancement and I was not where I wanted to be at this point in my life. The question became - where do I go from here?

I had to look at all my experiences and find something within them that I could make into a new career path. Once I had that plan I began the mad dash for that new 'dream' job. I began applying to every opening that I came across. Before I knew it, I was no longer working and I still didn't have a job. I applied for unemployment my first day out of work. I waited in line for 3.5 hours just to be handed a pamphlet and told I'd have to wait four weeks to receive any money. I couldn't sleep. I spent every day in front of the computer. Out of the 400 plus resumes I sent out I received only seven responses. Two were from actual jobs (one of them paying half of my expectant salary), the other five were staffing agencies.

Each time I went to a new staffing agency I was met with smiling faces and promises of a new career within a short amount of time. After each interview I heard nothing. Upon calling them diligently each week to check in I received the same story from each one. 'There's really nothing out there right now with the market the way it is. Things are really slow due to the holidays. Our employers are looking for someone with a more traditional background. Unfortunately, we have people that are better qualified than you are.' I was angry. With the support of loved ones, I kept trudging on was beginning to get desperate, and to top things off, my previous employer tried to tell the unemployment agency that I quit and so I had gone a month without a paycheck. For the first time in my life I didn't pay a bill.

I received another email from the fifth staffing a gency, Laufer and Associates, to come in for an interview. I put on my suit and tried to feel excited but inside I was really deflated and told myself not to expect much. When I met Kelly and Julie I was delighted; it was a small operation in a beautiful office. I could really tell that they cared about getting me a job. Also, they actually didn't even mention a job that was less than I was looking to get paid, which took some of the guilt the other staffing agencies made me feel away. They were in contact with me daily. Two days later they were sending me on an interview with a 'hip' and fun company that matched my personality. That very same day, I received the call from another job wanting me to come in for an interview. Both first interviews went really well and I was invited back for second interviews. The two second interviews were actually on the same day. Both jobs were making a decision on the same day. I was one of two candidates at both jobs. The unemployment agency called and told me that they sent a check for all the money I hadn't been getting. I really felt that the second I stepped into Laufer and Associates my luck changed. While I was offered both jobs, I was so excited but I had a tough decision to make. In the end it came down to trusting that the girls at Laufer & Associates really knew that this one job would be a great fit for me. And they were right! I have now been at my job for two months. I love the people, I love what I do, and most importantly I see this as the beginning of a growing career.

~ Molly Jay

Finding Her Place

After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I decided that it was time to leave a wonderful organization where I spent three years. As one would imagine, there were a considerable amount of concerns that came with it. These concerns were not alleviated by the many calls and emails I received from a number of recruiters upon posting my resume online. With each conversation, I couldn't shake the feeling of deja-vu as they each ran through the same set of questions and promised that they would work their hardest to find me my ideal job. I can't tell you how many times I received postings that did not even match my skill set or was in line with anything I had discussed. However, upon my first conversation with Julie Laufer, I knew that Laufer and Associates was different.

Julie had contacted me for a job opportunity that she felt was right in line with my skill set. She listened to me as I explained to her my reasons for leaving my employer, where I envisioned my career path, and what my ideal job would be. We discussed the job opportunity available and she explained why she felt it was a good fit. I was quite interested in further exploring this option and was excited to meet with Julie at Laufer and Associates office. I will admit that the reality of my decision to leave my current employer set in as I walked into the reception area and I began to second guess myself. I began perusing some of the reading material they had available in hopes to distract these thoughts. To my surprise, I found that these books were filled with notes and letters from hundreds of individuals who turned to Julie and her staff for assistance in their job search. I was calmed immediately. I knew it was time to move on in my career and I knew that Laufer and Associates were the ones to help.

Julie was as warm and welcoming in person as she was on the phone. For the first time in my job search, she made me feel like a person rather than another recruit. We did not have an interview, but we had a conversation. She understood right away what I was looking for and went above and beyond to assist me in my job search. As I began to meet with employers, she was there with reassuring words before and after the interviews. She, along with her staff, worked diligently in scheduling calls, follow-up interviews, answering questions as well as keeping me posted on the progress. As we all know how frustrating the interview process can be, I did not wonder once what the status was as Julie always kept me informed. Julie was not only there to offer my first congratulations on receiving the position, but also talked me through my final concerns on leaving my current employer and why making this move was truly in my best interest.
I am happy to say that I have been with my new organization for 3 months now and I have enjoyed working here every day. They made my move a pleasurable experience and I have recommended them to friends who were in a similar situation. Laufer and Associates was amazing to work with and I am truly grateful for all their hard work and dedication.

~ Christina Kouripines

A Mountain Peak Amid Plains and Hills

Nothing that I can write can effectively summarize my endorsement of Laufer and Associates. As soon as I walked through the office door, I was amazed by the energetic tone of the environment - a welcome change from the stolid aura projected by most staffing firms. Laufer is noticeably different - welcoming, dynamic and engaging.

The initial battery of tests demonstrated Laufer and Associates' unwavering commitment to professionalism, and my personal recruiter, Justin, even made some suggestions on how I could improve my skills. The entire staff from recruiters up to Ms. Laufer herself, were extremely reactive, supportive, and highly professional. Their attitude towards client services was nothing short of superlative. There was never a feeling of being steered into undesired positions - at Laufer and Associates, you are the helmsman, and the firm is a very, very effective rudder to direct you where you want to go.

After three weeks of interviews with top-level firms and excellent individuals, I was offered a position working for a company that I could never have imagined working for without Laufer's aid. I would highly recommend Laufer and Associates to anyone searching for employment. In a world of plains and hills, they're a mountain peak!

~ Tristan Campbell

Working Her Way to the Top

I graduated from college and found a job that I loved. I really enjoyed working there but I was unable to stay due to financial obligations. As winter turned into spring I decided that I would move forward and look for a more financially secure job that I would enjoy. That's where Laufer and Associates came in.

My passion has always been to help people, a skill that I would be able to apply in Administration. I tried, without much success, to search for available opportunities. Fortunately, I discovered Laufer and Associates and my luck changed. They were very understanding of my personal goals and what I wanted to achieve in my career. I started not only landing interviews but I landed great interviews. It was difficult to change careers but Laufer provided me with the confidence to make the transition easier. With their help I was able to secure a job with one of the leading companies in Boston.

Laufer will always be a company I highly recommend for anyone looking for peace of mind during their job search. They provided me with ample opportunities, helpful advice and they always kept me updated on my current situation. For anyone still looking for their perfect job...yours is just arond the corner!!!

~ Juliane DeSouza

An Intense and Amazing Journey

So first and foremost a huge thank you goes out to all the folks at Laufer and Associate. Without them I would not be where I am today.

For me it was an intense and amazing journey. It all happened so fast that before I knew it I was contracting with the company for which I now work full time. The experience here was and is wonderful. The work I do and the people I work with are all just amazing. We are such a fast paced company that I'm always on the go and that's exactly what I needed.

Without Laufer and Associates I would never have found them. But here I am, finally a full time employee and loving every second of it.

~ Nicholas Priest