The Art of “Social” Networking


The Art of “Social” Networking

With the weekend right around the corner, you can look at this as an opportunity to schedule that overdue coffee or lunch with a former employer, get appetizers with a colleague, or just go out with friends and be open to meeting new acquaintances. The fact is that you never know whose path you may cross at a given time, so let’s go over some tips and ways you can perfect your networking skills and be at the ready so when the timing is right, you can confidently sell yourself!

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Know Which Connections Will Benefit You

Make a game plan. Sometimes the best connections are the ones you can’t plan for; a little knowledge about what you’re looking for in your professional growth can go a long way.

Double Check Your Social Media

In the same moment you make your next great connection you become subject to new eyes looking at your social media accounts to see how you present yourself to the world. Make sure all your information is up to date, your photos are presentable, and there are no negative or offensive posts on your wall. The instantaneous connections made via social media can be a blessing, but you do not want to make them your curse.

Have Business Cards at the Ready

Business cards mean you don’t have to go over your contact information and other professional details yourself; the basics about where you work and what you do will be much more easily communicated this way.

Be Able to Sell Yourself Concisely

Keep your pitch about yourself short. It’ll reduce your own energy and any anxiety about not knowing how to talk about yourself. Try not to sound like a robot reciting a script, but be aware of the key qualities you want to share about who you are as a professional.

Be Ready to Ask Questions to Fuel Conversation

Questions are often a lifesaver to keep a new introduction from becoming a faint memory. Showing your interest in the conversation and ability to easily communicate with others are two key factors when making new contacts. Acquaintances need to feel that you are engaged in the conversation in order to fuel their interest and desire to help you down the road.

Be Personable

Just relax; the most important thing when making new networking connections is to showcase your genuine personality because that is what ultimately creates a lasting impression. Just like forming any new relationship, you want to make sure that your contact remembers YOU and does not inadvertently make you an afterthought.

Networking is an invaluable tool whether you are on the hunt for a new job or if you’re simply looking to broaden your network. You never know when you may need to call on a professional contact for “the inside scoop” or when they may contact you about an opening. Like having a solid network of friends, it is equally important to have a strong professional network and there is no better time that your free time to foster those relationships.

Positive vibes, positive mind, live a positive life,

Laufer and Associates Team