Tips to Heat Up Your Summertime Job Search


Tips to Heat Up Your Summertime Job Search

job-seeking-strategies-for-the-summerWith Memorial Day behind us, signaling the start of the summer season for 2016, it’s also time to rev up or kick start your job search if you are a recent graduate or back on the market. While you may be under the impression that people don’t get hired over the summer because professionals are in and out on vacation, the fact is that many do get hired frequently during the summer months. As a job seeker, you need to take advantage of this opportunity because the majority of your competition may take time off, having this same hiring slowdown myth in mind.

Depending on your search goals, you might even have better opportunities presented because of the summer season. Here are some ways to tailor your job search activity for the summer:

Make scheduling time to meet with you as easy as possible
Summer is already tough on the employer side because vacation schedules need to be considered. To make yourself readily available, always carry an updated calendar with you; sync your phone with your main computer if you keep calendars in different places.


Take advantage of the nice weather with outdoor networking meetings
Propose outdoor networking meetings to take advantage of the warm weather. Reconnect with lost networking contacts by asking about vacation plans or sharing exciting plans of your own – the conversation may turn back to business but in the meantime at least you’ve kept in touch.

Go for summer internships
Many companies offer a summer internship program to take advantage of the off season for students. But with more of the workforce now in freelance and temporary roles, experienced professionals should consider tapping into summer opportunities for their own employment prospects.

Regardless of where you are in your job search, summer is still a good time to stay active and make progress. Check in regularly with whomever is coordinating your interviews; give them lots of availability and keep them posted if other prospective employers are moving faster than they are (employers are competitive and will not want to lose you to their competitors).

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