Wednesday Wisdom: Millennial’s Guide to First Jobs – Boston Globe


Wednesday Wisdom: Millennial’s Guide to First Jobs – Boston Globe

Hire MeAccording to the Boston Globe’s recent article for millennials who are looking for their first job, there are a few “types” of jobs and important factors to keep in mind as you take the first steps in your long career.

Here’s their list of the types of jobs out there and a few things to keep in mind:

  • The money job – While this may be temping to take to help pay off college debts, or elevate your social life status, it is important you are choosing your first job for the right reasons! Money comes in time.
  • The stepping stone job – Look at this as a great opportunity to build on your resume, even if you know deep down that this is not where you see yourself long term; be sure this is the right choice to get you to your ideal role.
  • The lifestyle job – If having a good work-life balance right away is important to you, then you want to take a job where there is transparency and clear expectations regarding your time at work.
  • The reach job – Don’t be afraid to apply for these reach roles. You never know who may decide to take a chance on you for your first big break!
  • The prestige job – Make sure you are taking this position because it aligns with what you want in your career, not because it’s the role you feel you should take.
  • The skills job – This position will provide you with learning opportunities, mentors and tremendous growth, bettering you overall as a professional in your given field.
  • The self job – Starting your own business is both admirable and a major undertaking. If there is a business idea you have had in the works throughout college, make sure you are ready to take on some heavy responsibility right away.

The article concludes, “Regardless of which job you pick, there are three rules to keep in mind: 1) Always pick opportunity over salary, 2) Always know why you’re actually taking the job and what you hope to get out of it, and 3) Most importantly, always pick a job with good coworkers,” and we couldn’t agree more!

You may not have all the answers right out the gate, but knowing the direction you want to take yourself in for your first job is key. People like Alisha Varde (see above video), of Babson College, are perfect examples of setting one’s mind in a direction and path that they feel is the right fit for them. For Alisha, this was taking an entrepreneurial path, leading her to her current role with Liberty Mutual in Boston. Which direction will you take to kick start your career?