Manage Your Work/Life Stress During the 2015 Holiday Season


Manage Your Work/Life Stress During the 2015 Holiday Season

12-28-09 ornaments118.jpgWith the holidays upon us, the stresses of maintaining a healthy work/life balance can become even more challenging. The high expectations delivering perfect holiday bliss can lead to great stress for even the most balanced individuals. Like any other stressful time, it is always best to take everything one step at time in order to ensure that you’ve not only checked that special list twice, but to avoid overwhelming yourself into a state of yuletide panic.

Here are some suggestions on managing stress between work and home during the holidays.

Set Realistic Goals
Ask yourself, “What can I actually accomplish right now?” Focus on getting done what is within your control and is the most timely. Larger group projects may need to be put on hold until the chaos of the season dies down, giving you the breathing room to deal with the tasks currently at hand.

Set Up An Organization Plan
By organizing your goals into a plan for the month, you have more control over the timing and the involvement of others to get things accomplished. Set up a spreadsheet to track projects and timelines on your home and work computer; this way you always know where you stand with important projects.

Break Big Projects into Smaller Tasks
Don’t just wander to the mall with a general idea of who you need to shop for and you’re getting them. Go with a specific purpose or items in mind.

Keep Track of Finances
Times are stressful enough without worrying that you could be breaking the budget. Set time aside once a week to tally the expenses to ensure you’re on track with your budget.

Ask for Help
Instead of taking everything on yourself, who can you enlist to help? With many looking to earn extra cash this holiday season, it is not hard to find an extra set of hands to help with office or administrative tasks.

Find Time for Yourself
Take time to reward yourself with “me time” during the day. Take a walk around the block or end the day at your favorite bookstore with a cup of tea to decompress. It’s OK to take a break and refuel your energy; we encourage it!

Show Appreciation
Saying “thank you” when someone holds the door open, treats you well in a store, or gives you the last of a particular item can truly go a long way to helping another with their own personal stress level.

Help Others
In every city like Boston, there are many non-profit agencies. Find time to give to others in need and you will not only help relieve the burdens of others, but your good deed will also provide you with a sense of fulfillment.

There are many things that you can do to ease your stress, while improving the stress levels of your neighbors as well. Be creative and be kind to yourself; take things in stride as they come and trying to go easy on yourself this holiday season. If you are happier and less stressed, the people close to you will be too.