Why We Love Working in Boston


We heart Boston

Why We Love Working in Boston

In honor of Boston’s Marathon Monday we would be remiss in not sharing our reasons for loving Boston and showing our pride for this amazing and strong city! Not only is it a city known for its world-class sports, seaside beauty, and cultural heritage, but Boston is also a fantastic place to establish your career!

Though it may be considered a “town,” Boston has evolved into a gathering place for professionals looking to connect with peers and harvest new opportunities. In whatever capacity you decide to work, Boston is a city well-suited to professionals. Even as the national economy has slowly made improvements, Massachusetts’ employment rate has actually stayed ahead of the curve pretty significantly, making the state’s capital the hub for opportunities in the area.

With an abundance of networking events for everything from the tech industry to the nonprofit fields, everyone can find their niche. Events like Mass Innovation Nights give entrepreneurs and innovators an opportunity to showcase their ideas and connect with other progressive thinkers, while Boston After Work gets professionals together at the city’s hot spots — like a Celtics game — to get to know one another and expand opportunity.

Between Boston and Cambridge, the metropolitan area boasts the youngest population in the country, with over a quarter million university students at over 34 universities and colleges. The city is also ranked as the third most venture capital in the country as of 2015- more than Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle! The fact is, the people you rub elbows with often influence the direction of your career, and Boston has no shortage of mentors to who offer leadership and excellence.

All in all, Boston is a city you cannot help but love and we wish the runners today the best of luck as this wonderful city comes together to celebrate its pride and strength!